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Passion Dojo Application

Though this work is simple, it is not easy. It is extremely difficult to face the demons and hold yourself accountable for your own conscious evolution. This is for high-achievers or gifted underachievers who want to professionally undertake conscious evolution as their main priority in life. This means no matter how chaotic it gets - how much fear and old survival patterns come up - we will require you to show up for yourself and master the sport of conscious evolution.


Take your time to fill out this application. We want to indulge in all the details you wish to share with us.

General Information

Risk & Commitment

This is like brain surgery. You will have the opportunity to rearchitect your identity. We are serious about accelerating evolution and you will never be the same again. You will be challenging your conditioning, worldviews, philosophies, and societal norms. You will be asked to experiment with altering your ideals, values, and belief systems to heal, free, and master yourself.

Do you understand and accept the risk?
Are you prepared to commit to yourself come what may?
Which type of training are you interested in?
The investment options for Passion Dojo Group Training are per class ($300), or a membership subscription which includes 2 sessions per month, Helpdesk support and past session vault access per month ($500) or per year ($5k pay in full commitment incentive) Do you have the financial means to invest in this opportunity?
If no, are you interested in:

The Passion Dojo is not about getting to a specific destination or "thing". If fact, we don't know what your results are going to be and we like it that way. Because this is a program about not doing it like everyone else, your results are up to you. You have full agency on how far you push the limits with your experiments. Neither you or we have any idea what you are capable of and the only guarantee is that YOU are in charge.

Do you understand you are not signing up for this program because we are guaranteeing a specific result?

We don't subscribe to the old limitations of time. We understand that things come up and you have responsibilities. We also expect you to be creative to find solutions instead of excuses for procrastination and busyness. We will not chase you into your transformation. We will not play the game of rescheduling and refunds because "you don't have time.”

Do you understand we do not offer any refunds?

Vision & Desire

Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you soon.

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